The Habit Burger Christmas Party with Santa & Mrs. Claus!


Monterey-based charity announces Christmas event to celebrate all those who have donated in 2022

PRESS RELEASE: December 2022 / Monterey 

MONTEREY — Vicky’s Art School, a Monterey-based charity set up to support children and families through art lessons, has announced a new and upcoming Christmas event to help those in need, and give back to all those who have supported her this year.

Held on Dec. 11 at the Habit Burger in Salinas, from 4-8 p.m., 20 percent of all food sales made by those attending the party will also be donated to the charity, so that it can continue to support local families who need it. 

Vicky’s Art School was launched in 2019 just before the pandemic and hosts a number of therapeutic art sessions and events throughout the year. Designed to encourage, inspire and provide opportunities for healing through art, the charity provides an open, supportive, and creative space for children with disabilities and social disadvantages – ensuring its students can find healing and mindfulness through art and creative expression.  

After a year of fundraising through multiple events and a special ‘Art-Tastic Food Tour’ - where local restaurants donated a percentage of customer sales when purchased,  Vicky Lee, the charity’s founder has now decided to give back in the form of a celebratory Christmas party.

“The purpose of our fundraising this year was to raise enough to continue to help families and children,” said Lee, the founder, who set up the charity after experiencing how much art and creativity helped her family process their own previous traumas.

“Our commitment is to serve as a beacon of hope for children with special needs, and we love that this year, so many people have noticed our work and helped us with fundraising. To give back to everyone, and as part of our mission to continue supporting all those in need, we are hosting a festive party with a twist. The event will be held at the Habit Burger in Salinas on December 11th and will have its very own Santa, art projects for families, fundraising raffles, and gifts. Anyone is welcome, even if you have just supported us this year in the form of your presence.”

“Many people underestimate the importance of creative expression, but for some, it’s a vital part of growth and healing. Many children are healed by their own expressive process, and being able to have full creative freedom can often allow them to feel heard and seen, especially in such a supportive environment. So that’s our charity’s main aim – to help children and families heal, through our classes and art. Thankfully, we have such incredible local residents who have been able to support this cause throughout this year, and we hope to go into 2023 with the same amount of positivity.”

Some of the charity’s goals for 2023 include their Art-Tastic food tour, the distribution of their new Art Wellness Kits to families, and even planning to ‘purchase’ an Art studio to hold in-person classes. In addition, there are further plans in the pipeline to host a Mom’s Mindfulness weekend retreat full of self-care goodies to learn and take home. 

This new festive event is set to help them impact more families in a positive way while uniting the community as one during Christmas time.

“As someone who has always interacted with my community, and worked alongside children with learning disabilities for 20 years, I’m so pleased to have been sharing my gift of creativity and enhancing the lives of those affected by challenges, and economic and social disadvantages. I really hope that local residents will join me at my fabulous party at the Habit Burger in Salinas, to end the year on a high, and get us off to a good start in 2023.”

Notes to Editors

Vicky’s Art School continues to do everything it can to help families throughout the county. 

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